Stone and Tile Design


sadaLooking to remodel your office space? Building a new one? Carters Natural Stone in Encino California, Tile and Design can help you achieve your dreams to transform your house into your home. From a simple entryway to a whole outdoor area and exterior building. We can help you with design, supply and installation. Whether you need some stone for a bathroom or help in designing the layout for your office. Carters Natural Stone collection of stone and time will help bring out the beauty and value of your work areas. Call us today to set an appointment to help you on your next project.

All of our stone is extracted from our quarry in Ampney Crucis near Cirencester; the heart of the Carter Natural Stone and worked on site by our expert team.

Our stone is ‘Forest Marble’ which is renowned for centuries, as having excellent weathering properties.  Forest Marble is a particularly hard stone with excellent weathering properties and is pleasing to the eye being a mid-range yellow to buff color.

The Carters Natural Stone and Tile are formed from a repeated succession of clay, sand and limestone strata laid down in the eastern limb of a shallow sea basin during the Jurassic Period some 200 to 120 million years ago.  This action has produced some fine quality cotswold limestones including ‘Forest Marble’.

Carters Natural Stone specializes in the manufacture of quality limestone products by a team of dedicated personnel which will match in with the local limestone used in the area.

We are a team dedicated to supplying a product suitable for continued conservation and are happy to greet you at our facility for you to see our products in person.  We will pleased to answer any queries you may have regarding our products.