Prefered Commercial Clients

Catrer Natural Stone has worked with many types of brick and mortar businesses throughout the years however several client project stand out above the rest.  Here is a list of our top notch client projects:

  • Gyxykdb Art and Design – ( – Design and environments. Auditorium design.
  • Sybe Medical Management ( – Medical Credentialing and medical billing company. Lobby project.
  • Samirs Flooring – Industrial flooring. Lobby project.
  • ( – Finance Industry. Lobby project.
  • Landacorp, Inc. – Reducing risks from chronic diseases. Office/Lobby.
  • Medical Management & Review (MM&R) – Medicare set-aside projections. Lobby.
  • Reed Group – Provider of both case management services and software. Baths/Kitchen/Lobby.
  • US PostAcute Service Solutions – Provides postacute care services.  Lobby project.

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